Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Begins with a Visit to California

Love the Palm trees along BelAire in Burbank, California, where I grew up. Just returned from a high school reunion - lots of fun and I was very blessed as some shared how much they enjoyed my photos esp when posted on Facebook.


  1. Hi Cathy! I frequent your blogs from time to time and enjoy What's Up and all the other blogs with the pics you have posted. Nice Job!

    This morning I had an email from a Cathy Palmer and deleted it in SPAM. Then I got to thinking, that name sounds familiar after all! Then it hit me! I thought it might be you. So, if you sent me an email please resend and I will open it this time.

    I did email you a long time ago and thought maybe it was you since you might still have my email address. If it wasn't you, then just ignore this email.

    God bless you! Karen L. from Virginia

    1. Thanks Karen, I had heard from others that spam when out via my name recently so changed my password. Hopefully that fix it. Sorry about that!
      I hope you have a blessed week ~