Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Sunset

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  1. I miss our chats.

    Have been so bored I've written the final chapter to my book. Or at least I think that is it. Lots of stuff came thru.

    Saw "Babs" the other day. She looked sheepish.

    How do you compare an unbelieving catholic (2Cor 6.14-18) with a Spirit filled member of His family? She made a mistake.

    White bird sorted and in the air.

    How is cousin Joan?

    (Never been back to my email since you were defensive as I too am sensitive. So if my error so be it. My friends are always my friends. I never fall out with anyone but if others fall out with me that is beyond my control.)

    Things to share if you will let me. I don't bother folk, by the way, just I know Him and our friendship was three way. I cannot say it was romantic but it was indeed special: Who's the Dunce?

    Keep forgetting passwords. Am using at present.

    If not talking well, may His every blessing be with you.


    (The path is so close Rev 13? The name: Rothschild. 666 = Star of David 6 points, 6 equilateral triangles, internal hexagram...)