Wednesday, June 17, 2009



  1. Cathy

    You have some beautiful photos on your Blog. Well done.
    Can you tell me why Melody Green got rid of the Catholic Chronicles off Last Days Ministries?


  2. Thanks!

    Regarding the Catholic Chronicles, according to Karl Keating:

    Last Days Ministries sends to inquirers a statement by Melody Keith, Green's widow. She explains the Catholic Chronicles have been
    withdrawn from distribution because "[w]e are aware of Catholics who have been wounded by these tracts. We are also aware of others who have adopted a critical, self-righteous attitude toward Catholics."

    Oh brother.


  3. Was Mother Teresa A True Christian?

    What a rare thing it is to find a public figure who had no enemies, who was acclaimed by practically all men! Yet among the poor and outcasts of Calcutta lived such a woman, a woman whose name is probably recognized by more people than the names of Ronald Reagan or Billy Graham. She is, of course, Mother Teresa.

    "Born Agness Gonxha Bojaxhiu of Albanian parents in what is now Yugoslavia on Aug. 27, 1910, the diminutive nun arrived Jan. 6, 1929, in India, where she started assisting the needy and eventually established the now-global Missionaries of Charity organization" (San Francisco Chronicle, Aug. 28, 1989).

    Billy Graham was quoted by the Associated Press for May 1985 as pointing to Mother Teresa as a hero model for American youth (Calvary Contender, Nov. 15, 1985). She was extolled in an editorial in the January 1982 issue of Light of Life magazine, the most popular evangelical periodical in India.
    The charismatic world also honours Mother Teresa:

    "Mother Teresa was also featured, together with other famous Christians, in an award-winning television special entitled `Don't ask me, ask God.' Hosted in 1984 by charismatic leader Pat Robertson and broadcast on 150 television outlets as well as the Christian Broadcasting Network cable system, the first airing had more than 15 million viewers and ranked as one of the top five television specials of the season" (EP News Service, Aug. 25, 1984).

    At a Sign and Wonders Conference in Melbourne, Australia, March 3, 1989, John Wimber praised Mother Teresa (Protestant Review, March 1989).

  4. Hi Cathy,

    I just sent you part of an article on Mother Teresa. You can see what Billy Graham & the other evangelists said about her. The fact of the matter is, Rome is NOT a Christian church, it is a CULT. The Bible states what a Christian is & how they are saved; Acts 16:30-34. All the niceities of the world cannot change this FACT. Anyone who teaches other then that, is a FALSE TEACHER & is anti-Christ.


  5. All the people you quote, are wolves.

    A true Christian would never stay in the Roman Catholic church as they do many unbiblical activities like:

    - Call the pope 'Father'
    - Pray to Mary and other 'saints'
    - Believe the communion becomes the physical body and blood of Jesus and then they eat it. Eating God??
    - Etc etc etc

    Was mother teresa a Christian? Probably not. More here: